Meet our New Piano & Flute teacher Ms. Nesbitt!

Ms. Nesbitt hails from Hyles–Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. In high school, Ms. Nesbitt had the opportunity to travel to Okinawa, Japan to participate in honor band for flute performance. She was thrilled to be a part of something so exciting and to have such a wonderful opportunity to perform internationally. For the past 30 years, she has been performing for various local functions and church events at the advanced level. She has enjoyed being a private piano and flute instructor for the past 25 years to students of all ages and skill levels. Her passion and commitment to providing the highest level of musical education is evident in her teaching methods. She is well-versed in all things music theory and strives to make learning fun and enjoyable for each of her students. She was a high school ensemble trainer for over 15 years and greatly enjoyed the fast-pace environment of working with high school students. Ms. Nesbitt is excited to be part of the Cappella Music Academy faculty!

To Enroll with Ms. Nesbitt contact us                   at 253-470-8050 or at info@CappellaAcademy.com!


A big congratulations to Drew who
performed as part of his Middle Schools
Solo & Ensamble and recieved the
highest score of a ‘1’ on the piece he
performed called Single Strokin’ by
Edward Freytag!

Keep up the fantastic work Drew!

Meet our new Drum & Guitar Teacher Mr. Wiendenmeyer!

Mr. Josh Wiedenmeyer is a well-seasoned and enthusiastic percussionist, both as a performer and instructor! He recently  relocated to Washington from North Dakota to pursue his passion in percussion. Josh Wiedenmeyer graduated from Northwest University with a degree in the Contemporary Music Industry and has been playing drums since he was 15 for his church and worship team; His passion and appreciation for percussive instruments has only grown since. He has played all over the greater Seattle area with various bands as well has been blessed to play all across the northern united states. His passion for the drums is evident in the way he performs and teaches. He loves going to see concerts, eating pizza, the Seattle Seahawks and all thing relating to Star Wars or Marvel comics!  Mr. Wiedenmeyer recently relocated from North Dakota so he could further his passion in percussion and is very excited to join the team at Cappella Music Academy!


To Enroll with Mr. Wiendenmeyer contact us                   at 253-470-8050 or at info@CappellaAcademy.com!


Teacher Spotlight - Paul Sawtelle! 

Veteran saxophone player, Paul Sawtelle, has been paying his dues as a musician for over 30 years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Paul's driving passion and virtuosity has always been front and center. He’s played for President
Clinton, worked with Heart, opened for artists from Savoy Brown to Jonny Lang, appeared on national television shows and, in 2008, won a prestigious Spelleman Award, the Norwegian equivalent of The Grammy, for his horn
arrangements and playing on Sony Music’s extraordinary blues band, Orbo and the Longshots album! 
When asked about the first music that inspired him as a player, he didn’t
hesitate. “The first Chicago Transit Authority album had a tremendous impact on me. The mixture of rock and horns was inspiring and fresh. Seeing that band for the first time live was magical.” He also couldn’t get enough of other groove and horn based bands and players like Tom Scott, Tower of Power, Janis Joplin, Moby Grape, Blood, Sweat & Tears, David Sanborn, Lenny Pickett, Grover
Washington, Jr. & Stanley Turrentine.

To Enroll in a Class with Mr. Sawtelle contact us at 253-470-8050 or at info@CappellaAcademy.com!

Did you know that here at Cappella Music Academy, piano lessons are the most popular out of any of our classes? More than half of the students taking lessons here are taking a piano class, with a total of  112 students enrolled in a piano class!
Fun Facts about the Piano! 
1. The piano is actually a relatively new instrument, the first piano constructed was made in 1698! That might sound old, but other instruments such as the flute have been around for
thousands of years – the piano is only 316 years old!

2. There are 7500 working parts in a piano!

3. The piano is generally considered to be a member of the
 percussion family because it only makes noise when a
hammer hits a string!

To Enroll in a piano class with Cappella contact us at 253-470-8050 or at info@CappellaAcademy.com!

Student of the Month - Colbey! 

Question 1 : What is your favorite Color? : 

Question 2: What has been your favorite thing you have learned while here at Cappella?: 
Piano Chords! 

Question 3: If you could have one super power, What would it be? 
Lazer eye beams! 

Question 4: What is one of you favorite songs you’ve heard? 
‘I Got a Feeling’ 

Keep up all your hard work Colbey! We are so happy to have you here with us at Cappella! 


Student of the Month - McKay!

Question 1 - What is your favorite Color? - Red!

Question 2- What has been your favorite thing you have learned while you have been here at Cappella? - Bar Chords! 

Question 3- If you could have any Superpower, what would it be? - Teleportation! 

Question 4- How long have you been singing and playing the guitar? - I have been singing since I was little But I started playing guitar this last summer. 

Question 5- If you could live in any fictional universe, Where would you live? - Hyrule from Legend of Zelda! 

Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Elaina Malcolm!

Elaina Malcolm studied Music Education and completed The Kodaly Levels Program at Seattle Pacific University. For over twenty years she has worked with students from around the world, helping them develop the skills necessary for reading music and performing well in front of their audience. She also holds a Masters in Education from Lesley University where her efforts were focused on integrating music and art with core academic instruction. Not only does she offer piano, guitar and voice lessons, but she is a Choir teacher in the cities of SeaTac and Des Moines. She is dedicated to see her students grow as musicians who are learning to express themselves through song. She says "My purpose is to help you find your voice and discover the music that lies within so that you will be a shining light in the world."

Elaina loves to sing, play the piano and guitar at church, leading worship and collaborating with others to write music. She also plays some percussion and is learning how to play the Ukulele. She isn't ashamed to admit she's a Music Theory nerd, especially when it comes to sight-reading music in solfege. She loves coffee, dark chocolate and will go to the beach any time of the year.

To enroll in classes with Ms. Malcolm contact us at 253-470-8050 or at info@CappellaAcademy.com!

Armani T. - Piano
Caymen F. - Piano
Cassidy G. - Piano
Tom R. - Guitar
Sachiko B. - Guitar
Keegan T. - Guitar
Allison F. - -Piano
Moriah F. - Violin
Sierra T. - Piano
Madison K. - Piano
Julianna N. - Voice
Sasha R. - Violin
Jordan M. - Guitar
Elly K. - Voice
Jordan P. - Voice
Heath M. - Piano
Bryce P. - Piano
Jesse A. - Piano
Jackson B - Drums
KayliAnna B. - Guitar
Olivia T. - Piano
Branden Y. - Piano
Nevaeh Y. - Violin
Emily B. - Piano
Kelly B. - Ukulele
Brooklynn B. - Guitar
Roelan C. - Guitar
Emily P. - Violin
Amanda L. - Piano
Orion K. - Guitar 

Welcome to Cappella! We love having you here! 

“Wait, you play how many instruments?”

Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that question. Truth be told, it's really not that difficult to learn how to play more than one instrument. Here's the secret three-step guide to playing multiple instruments (and doing it well):

1. Learn your music theory.
I cannot stress that enough. Theory is the one constant between all the instruments. It doesn't matter if you're playing the harmonica or a 12 string guitar- the basics of how we read and write music are the same. Knowing how to read music is half the battle!

2. *Become friends with your new instrument.*
Alright so you've been taking lessons on, say, piano, for a while and now want to move on to guitar. Great! However, a guitar isn't exactly built like a piano, so that means that everything must be totally different, right? Not exactly. Fear not! If you've completed Step 1 and have consistently studied the music theory your previous teacher gave you, then you've already jumped a major hurdle! Now it's just a matter of translating where the notes you're reading are at on the new instrument.

3. *Find a good teacher, and work on technique.*
You can read music well and have an idea of how your instrument is set up. All that's left is to learn the technique on that instrument. In other words, how you physically play the piano/drums/guitar/ukulele/you get the idea. This is sometimes the tricky step for some people, because unless the instruments are in the same family (i.e. string, percussion, wind, etc.) the technique is going to be completely different. For example, switching between guitar and drums could be frustrating because they are not in the same “family.” However, picking up a guitar after learning the ukulele would be much easier because they are in the same “family.” Honestly, learning the technique is my favorite part of taking on a new instrument because it's how you make the music sound cool!

*Strictly speaking, steps 2&3 would be done at the same time during your lessons.*

See? Not that difficult! Just keep practicing and one day you too could be a one-woman or one-man band!



Teacher Spotlight - Elizabeth Binkley

Our NEW voice teacher!

Born and raised in Tacoma Washington, Elizabeth Binkley graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. While attending PLU, Ms. Binkley starred as Pamina in Mozart's The Magic Flute as well as Alcina in Handel's Alcina. A member of the award-winning and internationally acclaimed Choir of the West, she has performed for diverse audiences across Europe and North America, receiving recognition on a global scale. Most recently she played Abigail Angel in Life Center's 2016 production of The Singing Christmas Tree: The Christmas Key. Starting from a young age, Ms. Binkley has had many musical successes. In 2011, she ranked first at the WMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest in the Soprano category. Later that year, she went on to earn an annual music scholarship at PLU. In 2013, she performed alongside PLU's female a cappella group HERmonic in the ICCA semi-finals at UCLA. Through her many experiences, Ms. Binkley has developed a passion for teaching and is eager to share her knowledge and love of music!

To sign up for classes with Ms. Binkley contact us at 253-870-8050 or info@cappellaacademy.com!


Student of the Month - Mateo!

1. What is your favorite Food?
2. What is your favorite color? 
Blue and Green. because of the Seahawks!
3. If you could have one super powers what would it be?
Super Speed!
4. Who is one of your favorite athletes? 
Thomas Rawls! He is a running back for the Seahawks!
5. How long have you been playing guitar? 
I have been playing for almost 7 years now. But I have been here at Cappella for 5 months! 
6. What has been your favorite thing you have learned while here at Cappella? 
The song I am learning now called ‘Blue and Green’ It is a parody song of ‘Black and Yellow’ about the SeaHawks!

Leah B. - Ukulele
Vincent D. - Piano
Dale D. - Guitar
Chloe E. -Piano
Elesia F.- Piano
William F. -Piano
Keira F. - Voice
Drew F. - Percussion
Ally G. - Piano
Maya H. -Piano & Violin
Sienna H. -Violin
Lindz H. - Piano & Voice
Rudy J. - Piano
Andrew J. - Piano
Jadyn J. - Piano
Sasha M. - Voice
Madison M. - Voice
Kathryn M. - Piano
Sherri O. - Piano
Emily P. - Piano
Elaine P. - Piano
Ed Q. - Guitar
Natalie S. - Piano
Siena W. - Piano
George W. -Ukulele
Orion K. -Guitar

A Note from the Director - Ms. Bennett

"We are so excited about how much Cappella Music Academy has grown since we opened our Bonney Lake location in September of 2016!  We are at over 225 students and expect to be at 400 students by September 1, 2017! Students enrolled here have the opportunity to participate in world-class recitals twice a year, and we are already preparing for our June recital! Our students enjoy earning certificates, wristbands and trophies for their musical achievements!  We are so proud of each and every one of them and it is our pleasure to have each talented musician enrolled at the academy. With our stellar team of music faculty and office staff, we are proud to offer the best music lesson experience in all of Washington state!  If you haven't enrolled in lessons yet, now is the time!  We promise, you'll love it here!"

1. The most expensive musical instrument in the world is
a Stradivarius violin that sold for $15.9 million! 
2. There are few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain,
 and music is one of them!
3. The harmonica is the world’s best-selling music instrument!
4. A Single violin is made from over 70 pieces of wood! 
5. The oldest piece of written music ever found is from 408 B.C.
 The music was sung by a choir in an ancient Greek play called Orestes
which was written by a man called Euripides.